User programs
BGAFC_RC.exe v2.00
A file encrypter.
167 525 byte v1.0
This is a DLL with the RC2 encrypter function. For if someone want to use our encrypt rutin in his/her program.
38 245 byte

BGAFC_FS.exe v1.03
A file splitter. Only hungarian version available.
216 223 byte

BGAFC_SHAN.exe v1.01
An editor for the Windows Startup keys. Easier to use than regedit. Only hungarian version available.
169 950 byte

An ASCII table with the decimal,hexadecimal and binary values of the chars.
934 byte

BGAFC_CMH.exe v1.0.0.0
An editor for the quickopen menu.
158 903 byte

ME.exe v1.00
RPG Maker encrypter. It can encrypt the 2000 and maybe the 2003 too. Only hungarian version available.
215 370 byte    Last update: 2015.01.15.  63311