Fun programs
A self-multiplying error message.
17 408 byte

Fun prg about the fall of windos. Only hungarian version available.
32 768 byte

Fun prg with some fun error messsage. Not works on all Windos. Only hungarian version available.
13 312 byte

Skandisk fun. DOS prg. Only hungarian version available.
8 880 byte

BlueDeath generator. The prg calls a wrong command. Not works on all Windos., just base win9x-s.
11 776 byte

A game intro created with RPG Maker 2000. Only hungarian version available.
3 958 417 byte

SantaFakk. This is a big idiot thing. You are with Santa and one of the elfs (or whats) and bilgeec is one of the evil bosses. Only Hungarian version available.
7 974 033 byte
If the letters in SantaFakk are unreadable, then download this and put into Windows/Fonts. (Of course first unpack it :P )
2 014 byte

The default winsuxx screensaver, a bit modified.
221 696 byte    Last update: 2015.01.15.  63312