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Frank Reif  alias  "Franky615" Alfasz
#52, Alfasz (4)
2921 | #0e91 | ^ | Idézet | Fri, 05 Feb 2010 10:37:04 +01
79.247.*.* Unknown Unknown Germany *.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
Hi TCH !

My name is Frank "Franky615" Reif

At first thanks for your ig2 map editor programm .Had some fun with it!

I"ve been playing ig2 since the beginning, 1999 purchased and this RTS game is one of the best games I ever played ! There are some other strategy games like
pax imperia ,master of orion and the last game "sins of a solar empire" but
the combination of space battles and ground battles in ig2 are unique !

I"ve been searching for patches or modding ig2 and so I found the webside
imperiumgalactica2.hu and then your webside here!

Now my questions about help.
I am comming from germany and the first problem here in your guestbook is the
language.I speak german of course and a little bit english but no hungarian!
If you wanted to answer me please do it in english or better in german if you
speak my language.
Questions about ig2:
I find out several little bugs in the game and wanted to fix them but I need help ! Here are the list of bugs:

Single player scenario or skirmish mode:
1.AI build no Space Bases to protect
its planets!
2.AI build no planet shield and only
one or two planet guns instead of 10 or more to defend its colony!
3.AI attackes my strong fortified planets (maximum = 8 space bases planet shields and 10 or more planet guns and ground fortress and no tanks on my surface! with only one ore two ships !!!!
without any chance to break through my defenses.
4. If the AI has lost its fleet in battle then the AI don"t build up a new strong fleet and attack with only one or two ships!(point 3.)
5.I find out that the bug is in calculating the tanks strengh! If I have many tanks on the surface of a planet then the AI don"t attack until its fleet tank capacity is strong enough! The AI don"t calculate the Space Bases,Planet shield,Planet guns and Ground fortress strengh for attacking only tanks strengh is in calculating to attack or not!!!
I think this bugs can be solved!
If we can patching the AI to calculate Space Bases,shields,guns and fortresses to tank strengh too then it will be solved.
But I have no idea to force the AI to build Space bases,planet shields and more than one or two guns on its own planets to protect them.
Maybe the solution is to limitate the ammount of planet guns,shields and ground fortress like the limit of Space bases (8 allowed) and then force the AI to build them but then the buildings must work without population and ever switched to on!

I hope you can help me how to fix this bugs
Hope you can answer me
Regards Frank "Franky615" Reif
35759 Driedorf
Tel. 02775/203618

Franky615  (statz) Alfasz
#52, Alfasz (4)
2445 | #0e93 | ^ | Idézet | Sat, 06 Feb 2010 21:33:33 +01
79.247.*.* Unknown Unknown Germany *.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
Hi TCH !

Thank you very much for your quick reply !

I use your tools right now in this moment !
Have downloaded the other tools: invention editor ,pod editor ,pod inv. and data editor. Works fine ! You described some little things they don"t work
and I find it out but its no problem ! I have some fun by changing the game
to make it perfect. I am testing the changes and you are right ! I found my
first 2 enemy space bases after changing the game.
I use the 1.08 and 1.14 patch ,think thats not the problem.

The AI build 2 bases after I"ve eliminated the fighters by changing the design in your map editor and changes in the invention editor ! But in the test game
shit happens ! AI stopped building ships ! Think I have to make many many test games until its perfect.
Point 2.
Found only 1 gun and no shield in test game ,playing always in hard or impossible. Will test it out to find a solution.
Point 3.
I have to give you a better explain about what I mean.
If AI fleet is destroyed and my planets only defended with space bases ,guns
and ground fortresses but -no tanks- on the surface then the AI don"t build up
a new strong fleet ! AI build one or two ships put tanks into the 2 ships and
attack my strong fortified planets loosing the battle constantly !
Trust me I"ve tested it very often and now searching for a solution to fix it.

Have opened some files with your dat editor but can"t find the AI gameparameters to change it. Can you help and should I do this ?
The other problem is ,some files are in hungarian language !
Or should I try to find an other way to force the AI to play hard.
Have some ideas. Will use your pod editor and put some tanks into a space base
new pod ! Hope the AI calculate then the tank strengh of the space base and
come back if its fleet is strong enough ! Will test this trick and send you the result of my test game !?! :-)

At last here is my e-mail adress think I forgot it : nimmmit@freenet.de

I am happy to find some friends in hungary helping me to find a solution
for the problems I have ! And forgive me my bad english ,hope you can understand me.

See you later alligator bye !

Franky615  (statz) Alfasz
#52, Alfasz (4)
2692 | #0eae | ^ | Idézet | Fri, 12 Feb 2010 20:03:26 +01
79.247.*.* Unknown Unknown Germany *.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
Hi TCH !

Thanks for your tip but I had no time to write early. :-) :-( :-)

I think now I can write again after test games ,changes ,new test games
new changes...... to send you my results !
I am game over ,don"t know what I can do now !
I get only one success. I created a test map with 12 planets and two races
the solarian(me)and the toulen(AI). Then I designed the space base typ 1 for
solarian and one for toulen and also 2 destroyer designs too. I made no more
designs in the list because I wanted to test about the space bases !
After compiling I tested the game and I found "8" truly 8 space bases on toulens planets !!! I was very happy ,this problem was solved.
But the other problems are not solved.
1. Only one gun and no shield on AI planets surface. Fortresses are enough!
2. AI attacks with one ship against my 8 space bases. Tank pod edition in
space bases ineffective and fighter pods too !
And if I have only planet guns (10 or more) and no space bases ,no tanks ,no
ground fortress the same problem appear. AI attack with one ship !
3. spy satellite put to enemy planet but I cannot see space bases. Its only
a little problem
4. Cannot edit planet guns in designs because they are not in the
"game lists base"(map editor)
5. Trader fleets do nothing until war is decleared ,then they do their job.
little problem !
6. If there are no fortresses switched to on and no tanks on my planets surface then Point 2. appears ! AI calculate only fortress which is "on" or
tanks too.
7. Biggest problem: Invention editor: ig2 exe don"t accept several changes
about ,for example, planet gun hit points and fire power. I can make the changes ,saving but If I start a new game ,skirmish or edited map the default settings appear ! Only build costs ,status ,modifiness are accepted.
Ships or space bases the build time is accepted too.
Cannot change the population and energy setting for planet guns and shields
or fortresses because there is no field for changing.

I think the reason why the AI don"t build more than one planet gun and no shields is the population and the energy which is needed to power on the guns and shields !
Can you help me to find the data file so that I can use a text editor to set the population and energy which is needed to a lower level ?
For point 2. I have no more ideas ,what do you think about a solution ?

See you later
Cheers Franky615

Franky615  (statz) Alfasz
#52, Alfasz (4)
2812 | #0eb0 | ^ | Idézet | Sat, 13 Feb 2010 17:02:41 +01
79.247.*.* Unknown Unknown Germany *.dip0.t-ipconnect.de
Hi TCH !

Thanks for your reply !

Well ! You think we can work some problems out ,I will be very very happy !!!

Ok ! 1. Do you mean I should put guns on enemy planets manually by using the map-editor ? Then I can only put the guns on the start (Home) planet ! If the game is running the other planets colonized by the AI will have only one gun !
2. Where can I send you my project directory ?
3. Think you are right. Maybe spy satellites show only planets surface.
4. In your map editor there are some fields to edit like: Map properties,spies,
inventions...... and -Designs-. Thats what I mean. In the field -Designs- there are two lists "Design"s base invention" and "Game list"s base".
In Designs base invention there are all inventions listed like fortress,guns,
planet shieds........ but in Game lists base there are only ships,tanks,and
space bases listed. So I cannot edit a planet gun because there is an other
field: "can be produced by" -space ship factory- or -tank factory- and not
building "can be produced on planets surface" !
5. Only little bug! :-) But if you wanted to solve it its ok. :-) :-)
6. and 7.
Don"t mean the population setting for a planet ,this is editable! I mean the
population and energy which is needed to switch a planet building to "on" or
"off" ! For example: Planet gun 4: population needed 2500 ,energy needed 1200,
Heavy fortress: population 2500 ,energy 0 , Distortion shield: population 400 energy 1200 ! I hope if I can set these values to a lower level then maybe the AI build more guns and shields. Fortresses are enough ! AI build minimum 5
planet fortresses if the planet population is high enough !!!

I have decreased the costs and build time for guns,shields and fortresses but
only the costs decrease took effect. Now the guns and shields are cheap but
the AI forgot them to build :-)
Data file: I mean I cannot find for example: The skirmish scenario directory
or the directory or data file in the ig2 Game directory to change the inventions like guns and shields manually by using my text editor ! I can extract some files by using your IG2DAT_E but I can"t find the inventions list!
If I should change the inventions listed in my project manually please tell me where I can find it and how I can encrypt it to make my changes(population,energy,firepower,hitpoints) before compiling and scenario created!

Woow ! My fingers are wounded ! Think I"ve got a laser shot ! :-)

See you later !

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